Akron Boston Express

Those First Pneumatic Days Recalled

| September/October 1973

Parade Wagon

Courtesy of Elmer Klein, R.R., Lacon, Illinois 61540.

Elmer Klein

Beacon Journal Staff Writer

We thank the Akron Beacon Journal of Akron, Ohio for permission to reprint this story. This was in their paper Wednesday, July 18, 1973. It was sent to us by Arthur Crafts, 321 N. Firestone Building, Akron, Ohio 44301.

In our July-August G.E.M. centerfold, we had a picture of this truck going through a bridge many years ago. Like Arthur says after seeing the newspaper and the magazine - this comes under the heading of 'Small World'. We thought you all would enjoy this article. - Anna Mae

Is nothing new?

In April 1917, people were talking about a possible meat shortage, an energy crisis, registration for the draft . . .

And now the 'Akron-Boston Express' is back on the road, too.