A Sideshaft Corn Grinder Engine

| May/June 1999

3012 S. Catherine Street, Lansing, Michigan 48911-1808

I bought the corn grinder at the Michigan Flywheelers Show. It was missing all its internal parts.

I had two choices: plant flowers in it or make an engine. I decided an engine would be more fun. I used the cylinder from an old headless air compressor. It had a 13/4' bore. I cut the end off the cylinder and made a new head out of aluminum. I used brass to make a spacer between the head and cylinder. Next I used a 10 mm sparkplug and put it in the brass spacer. Steel bolts were used to make the valves and brass for valve guides. The brass connecting rod is from a different compressor. I made a new wrist pin and bushings. The crankshaft was made from ? steel. It has a 2? stroke. A pair of old needle bearings were used for the mains. The gears are Volkswagen, the muffler is from a brass lubricator and a bell from an old telephone. The flywheel came off an old post drill. The gas tank was made from a brass pipe. The carburetor is a gas cock (with a needle valve) and the top off a candle holder. Scrap brass was used to make the governor. The propane holder was the bottom of a blow torch. The base from scrap steel.

It runs nicely on gas or propane and it has very little friction. It turns over 40 times between firing.