A Nice Letter

| July/August 1973

Reading of the change of ownership, I want to take this opportunity to wish the new venture good luck. I have been a subscriber to the Iron Man Album for many years and the Gas Engine Magazine for a few, and connected with old car and motorcycle hobby since 1946.

Regarding the article on page 22 May-June '73 by Larry V. Raid, I wanted to voice some observations based on 25 years with the car hobby and trophy judging. I have seen the old car hobby go from informal runs and friendly play around Meets, to serious judging, and the loss of good fellowship has been very sad to watch, much bad feeling is created, and few people will operate this type of car for fear of scratches. Well I like machinery that works, and can be seen working, as at most Steam Gas Meets; and I hope I'll never hear an engine owner yell to an interested youngster 'Don't touch that'. We owe the public some consideration for the times we are in the way on the highway and such. I own several old cars 1910 Stanley Steamer, 1911 Pratt Ellhart to 41 Lincoln Continental, also an 1885 Frick tractor and many hit and miss engines; and I do not own a 'Do Not Touch' sign.

Let's encourage everyone to bring what he or she has, shiny or rusty, and just enjoy the good fellowship; maybe just give plaques to everyone.

I hope to see more articles by the older contributors, who can tell actual happenings, while these people are here, and able to write the fabulous living history, which will be otherwise lost to future generations.

I really enjoy the magazine, anything you send is great.

Respectfully, R. M. 'Mike' Williams (38 years old) Rt. 1 Box 356 Waynesboro, Virginia 22980