A Letter of Thanks

| February/March 1999

II 2361 Wyatt Road, Belmont, Louisiana 71406

I thought it appropriate to officially send my utmost thanks and appreciation to the many who have displayed their enthusiasm and kindness by helping me with my old iron problems.

GEM magazine, Larry Paschke, Sam Spencer III, Zane Prifogle, Gary Richardson, Richard H. Grawe, Donald R. Green, Walter H. Pierce, Mike Hunchak, J. Max Koone, Guy 'Gus' Simms, Bill Williams, R. W. Doss, Jerry Erickson, J. E. Cain, Charles Lindberg, Ron Durkey, Harold Rossow, Alexander L. Thompson, H. B. Vanden Berg, Glenn H. Bryson, King's Books, Stemgas Publishing, and John Zalabak.

Thanks, you are a good group of people who make the human race shine. No good deed should go unmentioned, and I hope credit is given where it is due. Thanks for all your help.

Ken Galek
9/12/2012 10:41:01 PM

I am replying to this message in order to find some help with the worth of my wifes great Uncle Harold's tractors who passed away.... Harold Rossow. He has many many many tractors and we would like them to go to good homes and help the estate of his family to get the correct pricing of all the tractors he owns. We have no idea what any of them are worth. I will be posting to all the threads that he has posted on, if anyone would like to help it would be greatly appreciated. Right now we are getting pricing from locals and it would seem that they might be under bidding us just to scrap the tractors. Please help Thanks. My email address is telecomken@comcast.net, I can send you more info from my email.