1971 Makoti Threshing Show Report

| January/February 1972

North Dakota 58779.

The Makoti Threshing show which was held September 25 and 26 was very well attended. The officers and members were very well pleased with show results. Shown for the first time at the Makoti show was a 1918 22-44 Minneapolis tractor purchased this summer by E. Dobrinske, Makoti from H. K. Halldorson, Edinburg, N. Dak. Ed also got a 1919 ? ton model 31 G.M.C. truck from him. Both of these units were in original condition and in running order. Herb Markwardt, Makoti operated the 22-44 Minneapolis while Don Morris, Ryder drove the G.M.C. truck for the parade and show.

Richard Kerzman, Garrison had his 1921 G.M.C. 1 ton truck going, as was a 1927 Chevrolet truck owned by Art Nelson, Plaza and driven by Duane Weltikol, Plaza. Also in the show was a six-speed special 1928 International owned by Dave Olson, Plaza and driven by Glen Olson, Plaza. Also appearing for the first time was a 1928 Model A truck owned by Pat McKinzie, Ryder and a 1926 Model T truck owned by Arnold Sagsveen, Lansford driven by Merritt Warner, Minot. The addition of these six trucks brought the total to seventeen in operation for this year's show.

Wayne Jones, Ryder had a 10-20 G.P. John Deere, a 1930 Model restored along with around another two dozen stationary engines. He now has over fifty engines on four flat bed trailers.

Dale Hopkins and Marvin Franklin, Ryder had another 1936 F-12 Farmall going, this one with a single front wheel. They also had several more stationary engines running.

Carl Schuh, Hazen, N. Dak. brought up his 1928 Caterpillar 15, completely restored for the show and left it here as part of the museum exhibit.