| September/October 1973

Funk, Nebraska 68940

Shown is a self-propelled lawn mower. It is a very small, one cylinder engine of 1/2 HP or less. It has an outside push rod and overhead rocker arm, somewhat like the old Briggs-Stratton. Has no flywheels, with a large steel or cast iron crankcase. I expect large counter balancers on the crankshaft inside the crankcase. It has the old style Model T spark plug and at one time had a rotary high tension magneto that ran off the back end of the crankshaft. Has a fan for cooling run by a small round belt and is cranked by rope from a shaft that comes out of the gear box that runs the sickle.

The nameplate on the mower reads 'Milwaukee Power Clipper Eng. No. 5045, Machine 545. For lubrication we recommend GarGoyle Mobiloil 'B' or high grade oil of similar body. Before starting transmission case and worm gear case. Milwaukee Power Lawn Mower Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A.'

I wonder if anyone would know the make of the engine or has any other information. Courtesy of Basil Amos, Russellville, Missouri 65074

DICK KRAAIKAMP, 23-years, of Calgary, Alberta, Canada was killed in an accident May 6, 1973. Dick was known by everyone and was a member of Pioneer Acres Plowman's and Threshers Club -Langdon, Alberta. He was a very enthusiastic collector of gas engines and had ambitions to own a steam tractor in the future. He will be missed by all who knew him. Submitted by Mrs. Bruce Winter, Indus, Alberta, Canada T2P 2G6

The Pioneer Harvesters of Ft. Scott, Kansas have lost two of their members. JOHN GOINS passed away in September of 1971. John restored several gas tractors and steam engines and loved to see them operate.