What Is It?

| September/October 1970

This is a photo of an engine I have and the nameplate is missing. It has a 3? inch bore by 5 inch stroke. The head, valve chambers, water-hopper, cylinder and crank-case are all cast in one unit. It has no rocker arm. The exhaust valve works in the side of the block. Has 1% face x 17 inch flywheels, fly weight governor No. 240069 stamped in top of water-hopper, make and break igniter with Sumpter Magneto. Muffler is missing. Can anyone tell me the name of the engine?

R. B. Hypes and his 4? hp. United Type A. There is a small International Harvester in the background. Mr. Hypes is from Oswego, New York. Shown at 1969 PGEA Reunion at Fairville, New York. 6 hp. International, owned by Robert Cramer of Alexander, New York. 1969 PGEA Reunion at Fairville, New York.

Milt Skinner's General Electric Gas Engine. 25 KW DC generator. 4 Cycle Engine. 560 RPM, approx. 54 hp. Operated locks on the Barge Canal. 1902 last Patent date. Starts easily even in winter.