| September/October 1968

I am sending a picture for the 'What Is It? page.' This engine I found in a scrap yard.

It has a 5?' bore and a 6? ' stroke. The cam gear is inside the crankcase and the cam is outside. The bottom of the piston is cut away on one side to clear the cam gear. It has had an igniter, but I don't know if it was mag or coil. A 1' pipe nipple comes out of the head for carburetor. I don't know what kind, as those two items were missing.

There is a brass plate on top of the block saying BRADLEY & CLARK, Northwestern Agents, Minneapolis, Minn. Stamped number on top of block 620 which I take to be Serial number, about the middle of block (cast with block). PAT AUG. 13 and not far from that appears the number (also cast with block) 7841, which I take to be casting number.

Would somebody, please, tell me what make this engine is? Also H.P. and what kind of ignition and carburetor it might have had? I hope to see the answer in Gas Engine magazine in the near future.

Lyle is looking for the make of the engine pictured here. The engine is restored and in good running order.

WHAT IS IT? B & EM Co. 4 inch bore, and 4 inch stroke. Make and break ignition. Hit and Miss governor, 18 in. flywheels.