What is it?

| November/December 1973

A picture of my 'unknown' engine. I am wondering if anyone can help me identify it. It is a throttle governed, single flywheel engine. It operates on a battery and coil and has a syphon-cooling system. It runs well, but to date I have had no luck in finding out what it is. I will appreciate any help you can give me.

I have seven other engines, all restored and operating. It is a most enjoyable hobby.

I had a picture in May-June issue and I received nine letters in all and five of them convinced me my engine was a 1-3/4 HP Sattley. I think the response was a great and my compliments to you and your staff. [Thanks Goerge, we do need that kind of remark - Anna Mae].

Pictured is my Briggs & Stratton Model 'Y' engine, made in the 1930s. It is restored and is all original. I have been told this model is rare. I enjoy the GEM when it arrives in the mail.

Our exhibit at the Delaware State Fair - Antique Machinery Show at Harrington, Delaware on July 27,1973. L. to r.: Harold Reed with his 6 HP Ohio engine, David Reed with his brother, Wayne's 2-1/2 HP Leader and my 1-1/2 HP Lauson engine. There was a good turnout of engines, tractors and other machinery.

Pictured is my son, Dan, on his F-12 Farmall discing garden. He worked for a neighbor farmer and bought it and has spent a lot of time restoring this tractor. I think he has done a very good job for a 15 year old. He has sent for his decals, which is all he needs to complete the restoration. He has been a lot of help on my engines and is planning to get himself some this year. We read G.E.M. all the time and enjoy it very much.