What Is It?

| November/December 1971

Monitor single cylinder engine

Courtesy of C. J. Lear, Box 506, Calesburg, Illinois 61401.

C. J. Lear

The above actual size of a partial nameplate (shaded area is missing) is from a small 2 cylinder inboard marine engine I have. Could anyone fill in the missing letters or might you have a nameplate not in use? There is a 9' x 6' cast-iron exhaust and water manifold on side of engine. Also would like to know year of manufacture and horsepower.

Has anyone heard of a book titled, 'Men and Volts?' All letters answered and your stamp returned.

These photos are of a Monitor single cylinder engine that we own. It has external valve lifters. It apparently is started by flywheel handle. The engine is broken internally. It is cooled by water poured into the top cavity.

If you can help us identify origin, date of manufacture or parts availability we would certainly appreciate it. We would like to get some information before tearing into it.

I have subscribed to your magazine since 1966 when it was first printed. I have every issue and I enjoy the magazine very much. I refer back to some of the old issues quite often for help and details while working on my engines.

Now I am asking for help. I am enclosing a picture of an engine I got this summer. It was built by the Aermotor Company, Chicago, Illinois. 4 1/8' bore x 6' stroke, 27 inch flywheels. It has a round bowl shaped hopper and the cylinder is a sleeve pressed through the lower part of the hopper casting. Battery ignition with the igniter in the center of the cylinder head. Hit and miss governed. The cam end of the push rod is supported on an arm that swings as the rod moves back and forth. The skids are 2x12 planks about 4? ft. long (and one end has been sawed off) set on a slant. The paint was originally red with yellow striping on the flywheels.