| November/December 1967

I noticed your 'What Is it?' picture in the July-August issue of GEM, page 15. I don't know what it is either, but as you can see from the picture I have a two cylinder model of the same type.

I found mine in a junk collectors yard in Queens, New York. It has a Bosch magneto and what appears to be the original muffler under the cylinders and an air cleaner above which curves back over the cylinders.

This is a picture of an engine belonging to me and I'm wondering if anyone knows what make it is?


By Lewis H. Cline, 1102 West River Road, Battle Creek, Michigan 49017

Dear Folks:

In answer to Fred Gertje, page 32, Mar.-Apr. '67 GEM, also T. H. Krueger, May-June, '67 page 24. Subject: Red Fairbanks-Morse engines. In the early 20's they sold a 1? hp, hit and miss governed, (Governor was similar to that of Hercules, Sears, and Witte, a separate unit geared to large timing gear, but mounted below it) ignition was high tension, Model T. Ford coil, using 4 dry cells, which were contained in black colored battery box of metal mounted on side of engine. Spark plug was same as used in Model T. It was of horizontal type, open crankcase. Sight feed oil cup made entirely of metal. Cylinder and base were single casting. Flywheels were disc type somewhat dished. Engine base mounted on wooden skids, later replaced by metal. Speed was adjustable, by means of a lever. My dad used one of them to pump water for a good many years and they were a very good engine indeed. The entire engine, excepting battery box was painted red. I have an advertisement of them printed in 1922, and price quoted was $44.80 FOB Factory. They were called type Z. Apparently they called many of their engines Type Z.