| May/June 1981

I found this engine at an auction. I do not know the make or horsepower. I have had a number of engine buffs look at it, but no one has been able to help.

When I found it, it was on the frame of an old lawn-mower with a wooden handle on which a clutch and throttle control were mounted. Many parts of the mower were missing such as the entire mower assembly, which must have been ground driven since the clutch and drive sprocket on the engine was arranged to propell the mower only-not operate the cutting mechanism.

It has a lever start device, Eisemann mag and Fillotson carburetor. The I.D. of the intake manifold is less than ?-inch in diameter. There is no governor control, only direct throttle control. On top of the crankcase are nine small tubes threaded into a cast-in-pocket-like space to provide ventilation for the crank-case. These are in a straight line under the ?-gallon aluminum gasoline tank.

The engine runs good and seems quite powerful for its size. I can not find any part numbers.

Submitted by Bernard J. Schwaegel, R.R. 1, Fallon, Illinois 62269.