| May/June 1976

Would you help me to identify the engine on the picture at left? There is no name on it. It was painted a green color. It has a square connecting rod and is hollow and slitted at the wrist pin end. The exhaust is at the top of the head and the fuel mixer at the bottom. The carburetor is missing and I suppose very hard to find. I hope some one has a picture of a complete engine. Thank you! Courtesy of Paul E. Jones, Leslieville, Alberta, Canada TOM 1HO.

This literature and picture is from an old (1910 era) 'ONE PROFIT' catalog distributed by Theo. J. Eberlee of Cattaraugus, N.Y.

I would like to know what company in Western Wisconsin made the engines show in the 'ONE PROFIT' Catalog.

Please note the unusual design of the water hopper and also that the timing gear, push rod, etc., are on the 'left hand' side.

Does anybody out there in G.E.M. land have an engine with the 'ONE PROFIT' Name on it? and does anybody have information about the One Profit company. Please write Allen Bulger, 3698 Bard Rd., Cassadaga, N.Y. 14718.

Following is a poem my wife, Joyce, wrote and gave to me in a Valentine. I'm also sending a picture of my IHC Titan 1 HP engine which I restored in the basement and I think was the inspiration for the poem.