What Is It?

| May/June 1970

I recently obtained the following engine. I would like some information on it if possible.

It is manufactured by the Kimble Engine Co., Kalamazoo, Michigan, Engine No. 355, patented Nov. 17, 1885. This engine is in excellent shape and only missing grease cups and oilers. It has a 4 ft. flywheel with a flywheel type governor mounted in one of the hubs. The piston is a rectangular type, 51/2' by 8', mounted on a 216' shaft. It works on the principle of a vacuum wiper motor, where the piston 'flaps.'

Unknown engine owned by Mr. Kruse. It is 5?'-bore and 6' stroke. Pendulum type governor actuated by rod off timing gear in back of five-spoke flywheel. Wrist pin is square on ends, bolted in to piston. Water jacket is square. He would like to find name and picture of this engine so he can restore it like new.

Could someone please identify this engine for me? The man I bought it from thought it might have come off a railroad section car. It has a throttle governor with the governor on the right flywheel. It uses a Webster magneto with igniter.

Can anyone help me? The name plate has been lost. There is some casting numbers: Bedplate HL1-Fly-wheel 20 R4. A bearing cap has HL3. Would anyone know what company used these casting numbers? The engine is in good mechanical shape. Will need a magneto, igniter and carburetor. It has a bore of 6' and stroke of 9'. I would like to know the make, year or any other information anyone would have available.

I am enclosing a picture of an old engine which I don't know the name of, the horsepower or the year made. I have had several other fellows look at the engine, and so far I have about 8 or 9 brand names for this engine. It is mounted on a 4 wheel steel carriage and the engine is used to power a buzz saw which is also on the carriage but not shown in the picture. At one time, I believe that there was a name plate on the front of the water hopper but that is not there now. It has a 6? inch bore, 12 inch stroke and 36 inch flywheels, and has traces of light green paint on it.