| May/June 1969

This is a picture of my engine I found after two years of hunting. I could not ask too many questions around or some other collector would pick it up. It was bought new in 1917 from Winnipeg. It was never off the farm till I removed it in 1966. It had been pushed aside for many years so a rubber tired tractor could do it's work.

It sure was nice to hear it come to life after all those years.

Could someone identify it? Some say it is a Stover. I have fifteen small gas engines, many small steam. I also have 35 respectable cars (1903, teens, 20's, 30's & up).

Would appreciate any information to identify this engine. The name and model is not known. Owned by Gordon.

No name on it. Hit and miss. Battery and low tension coil. Igniter right on end of the head. Intake and exhaust valves on the bottom of the head. Push rod that activates the exhaust valve and igniter passes from under the connecting rod, through the case or frame and under the cylinder. Engine belongs to a friend of mine, Bill Mechem.

A 5 Hp. two cylinder Edwards engine made by the Edwards Motor Co. of Springfield, Ohio and belonging to Ross Pino of Covington, Pa. This engine came from a junk yard and is now beautifully restored and runs like new. This engine was shown at the 1968 Reunion of the Pioneer Gas Engine Association and at the Tioga Early Days Reunion at Whitneyville, Pa.