| May/June 1967

Pictured is a gas engine a friend and I have and we would like more information as to what year it is and for what purpose they were used. Also, we wonder what happened to the company? It has the name of Monitor, 1? hp., Type V J, Serial 16764 and 500 rpm. This engine was made by Baker Manufacturing Company of Evansville, Wisconsin.

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I would like to know if anyone could tell me the name of this engine. The last owner said it 8 HP but could not think of the name. All part numbers start with D.D. Piston 6' diam., stroke. 8?', fly wheel 37' diam. flywheel face 3', Webster mag., return flow fuel pump operated off the valve push rod, crankshaft 2?' diam. Oiling by oil cup at piston also oil cup at connecting rod. Oil holes and reservoir at main bearings. This engine must weigh about 850 lbs. Any information you can give me on this write to Mr. John F. Hottle, 327 Fairview Ave., Manassas, Virginia. Rtl, Box 4 - 11220

One of the Branson brothers (Otsego, Michigan) with his 15-25 Rumely Oil Pull (vintage of about 1926) at Galesburg. Michigan, Steam RrtsJeo several years ago.

These tractors were equipped with a differential lock which could be used to lock rear wheels together so neither could spin, and was of great help in getting through places where footing was poor.


We would like to know the make and horse Dower of this old outboard engine. Please send all letters of identification to the G.E.M. or to The Travis Salvage Yard, Corning, Iowa.