| May/June 1966

149 W. Walnut Street Kutztown, Penna. 19530

Here is a picture of a small engine which I own and cannot identify the manufacturer. It has a brass plate with the following markings: 15 - JK 2671 E, RPM 775, HP l/2 - 2 JK. I would appreciate any information on this engine.

We think it's a 'Stover Engine'. It has a bore of 6% inches and a 10 inch stroke. The flywheels are 46 inches in diameter. It was originally used on a well-drilling rig.

Below are two letters I received concerning the upper right hand corner picture on page 17 March-April 1966 G.E.M. of Roger L. Eshelman's engine of which he does not know the name.

The first letter submitted by a Mr. T. H. Krueger, San Antonia, Texas.

Mr. Krueger says it is a Nelson Bros, engine built in Saginaw, Mich. V/a H.P. with 18' fly wheels. Hit and miss with a variable speed from 350 to 500 R.P.M. These engines were sold by various companies under 15 to 20 different trade names. In one case this engine was called 'Dazzle-Patch', 'Samsco' without the Nelson Bros, name plate. Nelson Bros, called them their 'Jumbo Line' with a picture of the elephant on the name plate. It could be said this engine was built about 1912.