What Is It?

| March/April 1974

Please help me identify this engine. It is a four cycle, cast iron, mechanical governor, 2' bore and 1-1/2' stroke.

I've been trying to find out the make and horsepower of the above pictured engine. It is 4 3/4' bore and 8' stroke, one flywheel on one side, belt pulley and governor on other side Serial number on end of crank shaft is #934, pin on end of piston for ignition, part number on flywheel is B36.

I have the engine running and have had it to several shows this past year and I have looked through all the Gas Engine Magazines I have for four years and also a lot of other old engine books. Maybe someone knows what it might be?? [Sure hope so].

Pictured is an air-cooled engine supposedly manufactured in Pipestone, Minnesota around World War One and before, by the Kawalski Electric Company. This could be the one used on Standard Cream Separator as I have seen one like it with Standard Cream Separator stamped on a brass nameplate.

I am exploring this further as there should be someone from Pipestone that remembers more on this. My brother, John, bought this engine from a junk man for 35c and it had been in a shed for 30 years, then we decided to remodel it.