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Courtesy of Tom Jensen, 559 Sheldon Rd., Palmyra, N. Y. 14522.
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Courtesy of Frank Snyder, Whitney Point, New York 13862.
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Courtesy of Robert Rogers, Acres of Antiques, Cheraw, S. C. 29520.
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Courtesy of Robert Rogers, Acres of Antiques, Cheraw, S. C. 29520.

I have had this engine about four years and I don’t know
what it is, who built it or how big it is. I think it is about a 1
HP engine.

Alma-Alamo Blue-Almo 1? HP, 500 RPM, No. 110319. Has vacuum pump
mounted on base. Used for milking. My neighbor sold these engines
around 1925, but doesn’t recall their proper name. Sold by
Empire Milking Company or similar name.

Paul and Judy Blessing from near Cheraw limber our engines once
a month. We need operators to rotate driving two Moline Universals
and one Titan 10-20.

Paul will be Assistant to Gas Mgr. Jim Riley from Md. Judy came
from the high hills of Va. and as an experienced Quilter, will
organize a Quilting Bee, April 27-28-29-73. (Help her ladies).

The Hubers, Everette and Susan, Ken and Doris (Father &
Son), Indiana, camped in the partially developed boon docks
adjacent to our (JY). Everett and Ken rescued from our JY (junk
yard) and put into operation a Moline Universal that had rested and
rusted outdoors for 12 years.

Ohios’ Darke Co. Steamers, Indianas’s Tri-Staters,
lowas’ Threshermen and New Yorks’ Fly Wheelers were
limelighting all over this Carolina Valley last April. Gene and
Faye Ary, assisted by Kin and Debbie Besecker sawed with a scale
steam traction powered saw mill, lowas’ Norvel and Lester
demons took breathers from running our 8 HP Root and Vandervoot
(top right) to observe techniques of Dick Lewis NY who operated our
8 HP IH. Doc, Ruth and Donna Ary, Carl, Joyce and Galen Risemiller
ran gas engines. The Arys, Harold, Mildred and daughter Janet,
pulled a publicity wagon with a Lambert tractor. Something ‘odd
and fishy’ occurred; from certain angles, Mildreds Darke County
sign would appear to read Tri-State-Portland, Ind. Wonder who
shenanigled this illusion?

Woody Turner, President of Indianas Tri-Staters phoned he
couldn’t return. Instead, he sent his VP, a quiet type (like
heck) Dutchman named Yoder. Joe Fahnestocks SPARK PLUG OF THE MONTH
Mar-Apr ’72 GEM failed to tell that Ted Yoder is also a Master
Comedian. Ted yaked so much, SPARK PLUGGER Walter Baldauf (July-Aug
’69 GEM) (Woodworker extraordinaire) didn’t rewood our mule
powered well driller. Water Wheels in the background (bottom left)
powers a complete old time wood work operations given to us by
Cheraw Sash & Door & Lumber Co., mortiser. Lathe, chain
stab, planers. Band saws, moulding, shingle mill, the entire bit.
Yawl return early Walt, we will shed and shower you, and also shoe
you if the weather gets unfit. Keep Ted busy with our steam powered
saw mill while you re-wood the Well Driller. Fahnestock lists Ted
as Professional Well Driller. Let Ted prove it April 27

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