| March/April 1969

I am enclosing a picture of a toy engine, that I believe to be a flamelicker. Some parts are missing such as the burner and the shield over the flame.

I would like information from anyone who can tell me--how it operates, when and where it was made, and how much it sold for. Also would like to know what fuel was used, and something about the shape of the flame shield as I would like to make the missing parts, and to get it running.

I enjoy reading the Gas Engine Magazine very much and look forward to each issue. Possibly some of your good readers can help with the question, and surely would appreciate any help given me. Thank You.

I have recently found an engine of which I need help in identifying. It runs very good and was made in Germany (guessing by what the German writing says on the only tag on it.) It is a side shaft engine and runs off a 'buzz box'. It has an aluminum connecting rod and all brass bearings. The dimensions of the engine are as follows:

4' Stroke

1?' Bore