| March/April 1967

Ontario, N. Y, 14519

Our company, a gas utility founded in 1855 was recently given an early water pump powered by a manufactured gas engine. The label on the pump states the following: Crown Gas Pump manufactured by N'T'L'. Meter Company, New York, patents in February 6, May 22, November 27 and December 4, 1883.

We would like to ask your subscribers if they have any information an this engine and if so what gas pressure was used?

I retrieved this little four-cycle air-cooled engine from a local junk yard just after some farmer had dumped it along with the rest of his farm scrap. It measures 18' high and flywheel diameter of 10'. I did not open the. engine but judge it to be a 2' bore. It has one mechanical exhaust valve operating on an external cam. The lubrication came from a sight feeder located behind the cylinder. It has an American Bosch magneto, Splitdorf 1/2' pipe thd. plug, V up-draft carburetor and a one-quart gas tank.

After freeing up the points, making a new point spring, cleaning the carburetor and gas tank, I started the engine and it ran perfectly at 1400 R.P.M. governor speed. The governor is a ball weight type found on steam engine throttles.

There is no manufacturer identification, only a number M110827 on the crank case. From the size of the round belt pulley, I would guess it was designed to run a cream separator or a washing machine.