| July/August 1969

Can anyone help me identify the make of this engine and generator?? It apparently is a 32 volt generator and has a cast iron cooler. I would like to hear from someone who knows what make it is - or has one like it. Can anybody tell me what kind of ignition system it has?

This vertical engine, 4 feet high, bears on one part McKMCCo and the trademark on various parts. It has a Schrebler carburetor and a unique valve action with a leaf spring acting on both valve stems, the valves being removable in cages for valve ginding.

This engine I found outside an old machine shop, buried under lathe turnings. The water jacket around the cylinder is brass and the piston is operated by a cross-head action.

Has anyone seen anything like this and can they locate and name the company which built it? It was painted red.

I have used this motor boat engine, off and on, since 1946. It is all original except for the gas tank and water pump. It runs good in either direction. Does any-know how old it is, and who made it? Thank you.

It is a two cycle Marine engine, but it has no number or name on it. It is complete except for the gas tank, which we took off before taking this picture. It runs good. Does anyone know how old, and what kind of engine this is? Thank you.