| January/February 1982

  • It is a single flywheel engine with a side shaft

  • It is a single flywheel engine with a side shaft

318 Summit Street, Boonville, New York 13309

I bought this engine a couple months ago at a local junkyard and nobody can place a name on it. It is a single flywheel engine with a side shaft on the exhaust side. There is no governor of any type and the throttle plate is controlled with a hand operated lever found attached to the front of the engine. The ignition is supplied by a buzz coil and battery with the timer or distributor on the lower end of the side shaft. Intake and exhaust valves are both powered by the side shaft. Water is used to cool the forward portion of the cylinder by means of thermo-syphon circulation.

The water tank is the tall tank, while the smaller horizontal tank (raised above the engine) is used for gasoline. Battery and high tension coil are kept in the small wooden box under the gas tank. Horsepower is between 3 and 5 at a fairly slow rpm. The dimensions of the engine and frame are about 3' by 6'. The carburetor is all solid brass with a float.

I would like to know the manufacturer of the engine. A couple of people have said that it might have come out of a very early horseless carriage. Also restoration paint colors would be very helpful to know. Any help will be appreciated and all letters will be answered.


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