What Is It?

| January/February 1973

This engine was run last about 28 yrs. ago, for pumping water for cattle. I bought it in December 1971, from the second owner who bought the farm and he did not know the make of it. It looked like something was painted on the sides of water hopper but not legible. Serial number on exhaust side of water hopper, also under crankshaft cap on crankshaft on cranking side No. 23045.

Bore 41/4', stroke 6', flywheel 2 3/8' x 211/2' (No. L64-1), 5 stud water-cooled head, main bearings on angle, governor on inside of flywheel, piston luber is a cast stem thru water hopper (not pipe), 2 levers, spark control on cam gear and governor control to value push rod, connecting rod 'I' shape with grease cup forward of connecting rod bearing, cylinder assy, bolts to base casting, gas tank under base and between skids, spark plug on muffler side and a place for make and break magneto on cranking side with prime cup.

I got this engine in Hickory, Pennsylvania last summer. It looks like a Briggs and Stratton, except it has a battery and coil ignition and a drip sight oiler going into the crankcase. I have completely restored this engine and it runs like a new one. The only mark on it is the number F 251 on most of the parts.

I really look forward to each issue of G. E. M. with much pleasure.