What Is It?

| February/March 1999

Rabbit Cr. Mining, P. O. Box 469, Dawson City, Yukon, Canada Y0B IG0

These are pictures of a hot bulb oil engine. I have tried unsuccessfully to identify this engine by attending shows in California and Arizona in the last few years. As usual, some clown has removed all the brass parts and nameplates. I may have located the fuel pump. The engine is free and in very good (excellent) condition. I would love to get it running. It was used during the winter of 1912 to run an air compressor (to the right of the engine in picture). I would also like to identify the compressor (no nameplate, also). It, too, is free and in excellent condition. I also have the large air holding tank. Any information from you readers would be greatly appreciated. These machines should be running for the enjoyment of all interested collectors. I keep all my stuff covered with tarps, except to let them 'breathe' on nice days.