What is a Collector or a Dealer?

| May/June 1973

Coon Rapids. Iowa 50058

You have several kinds of collectors. Some of them will say, 'I collect only for the fun of collecting and never let money enter into it.' A lot of collectors have very little money to buy any amount at any one time. These will trade a little, sell one once in awhile, and help his collector friend get something.

Then, you have the one that has plenty of money and has collected for many years. He sets a goal of one hundred engines, then goes for two hundred. He will never sell another collector anything, or will not trade, unless he can better his own collection.

Next, comes the collector dealers who spend a lot of time running around looking at engines, adding many miles to his pick-up and having many enjoyable hours. He locates engines all over by having many friends. The farther away his friends are, the farther away he gets his engines. He will get more engines if he has ready cash. Cash is never a stranger.

To make it go as a Collector Dealer, you have to sell the duplicates. To be successful, you have to sell some at ten percent down and the balance when they pick up the engine. Sometimes, you hold until a later date if the party is a regular collector buyer.

A straight dealer is someone that buys only for quick resale and wants to make a fast buck and helps everyone pick up more engines.