| January/February 1972

Route 1, Box 52, Statesville, North Carolina 28677.

I would like to mention an article on page 32 of Sept-Oct. 1971 Gas Engine Magazine. Mr. Lewis Cline's father was probably using a device known as a powder wedge. We used to use one. It was about 3' in diameter by about 12' long, cylindrical and solid iron, except on one end, it had extending a small tube. The hollow extended beyond the tube into the solid cylinder a couple of inches. Leading into this was a small hole for inserting a fuse. You simply filled the small tube with gun powder, used a wood mall to pound the tube portion of the wedge into the end of a block or log, insert a fuse, light and get back. We used it on logs about 12 to 18 inches in diameter by 4 to 5 feet long. They split into 5--10 pieces.