Something To 'Do'

| June/July 1998

6668 Bunch Road, Terre Haute, Indiana 47802

After being stung by the Hit & Miss Bug I purchased two cement mixers, in the fall of 1996, one equipped with a Stover CT-1, the other a CT-2. Upon inspection, one mixer was beyond repair and the other was in a little better shape. The engines were removed and the best mixer was stored for future consideration. During the winter I restored both engines and the summer months were spent fine-tuning and upgrading my prizes.

In my enthusiasm I told my wife, (OP She Who Forgets Nothing), that I wanted to display my engines at the Newport (Indiana) Hill climb in October. As time for Newport drew closer; my second thoughts started to grow. I knew that total humiliation was at hand and must be avoided at all costs. How was my junk going to look next to the veteran's displays of several engines? Alas, Ol' She Who Never Forgets Nothing reminded me that my goal was to show the engines at Newport. Wasn't that why I worked all year on them?

'Besides,' she said, 'nobody will probably know you anyway.' That was a big confidence booster. With those words of encouragement ringing in my ears, arrangements were made. Two friends were drafted to help, the truck was loaded and off we went.

The day was great, the weather was beautiful, the crowd was large and my engines looked and ran good, no humiliation here! I was amazed at the number of people who were interested in these old relics from the past. The questions were unending. One boy of about ten years old asked the question of the day, 'What do you do with them?' I gave him the usual answer, pump water, shell corn, mix cement, etc, etc.

After returning home in glory from my first show, his question kept gnawing at me. Being restricted to what could be hauled in a pickup, something had to be found to do with the Stovers. Repairing the mixer was out. What would I do with several tons of cement?