Grumpy Old Men

| June/July 2002

  • SmokStak

  • SmokStak

The following comes from a recent topic on SmokStak, which can be found on the Internet at: / smokstak.cgi. As ever, various individual started, commented on and concluded the following bulletin board thread.

Ok, how many of you have had this experience? You find an engine or tractor or some old piece of iron that you want and the old man who owns it won't give or sell it to you for a million bucks, even though it is sitting out in the junk pile. He says he'll get it running or restore it someday, but you go by the place five, 10, 15 years later and it is still in the same place, five inches deeper in the mud. The old man passed away and the estate is split up between the 10 kids, making it impossible to get. I understand that the guy wants to keep it because it is his dad's or something, but why let good iron go to waste if you're never going to touch it and someone else wants it? I guess I'll probably be the same way when I am 80. - Tanner

I have had my experiences, too. A guy with an F-M 6 HP tank-cooled and a few others that he just will not sell. I've tried to trade him some things, and I have become a good friend with him (I think it is because of my age and interest in the hobby), but still he won't sell.

One item in particular that is sitting outside is a Jaeger 2 HP engine and mixer that I want. This Jaeger is sunk in five inches of mud. GRRRR! Maybe some day I'll get them, but I look at it this way, I have enough time ahead of me to find more treasures, about 65 years or so. - Chase

I have a few engines that I do not show and are not on my web site. One is a scale salesman's model of a 1 HP that runs. Others are some scarce or rare engines that sit on my shelf in my garage covered up with an old T-shirt. I also have a 1929 Harley-Davison that I got running after 12 years. This was converted to a stationary engine.

Some guys want to buy these engines, but I keep saying no, I do not want to sell - but they keep on bugging me. One even had his wife ask me to sell it. I'm getting peeved and I don't even want to go to the same shows these guys go to. When I see them, I walk the other way. I had one guy offer me a Maytag for my '29 Harley-Davidson. Get a life. I do not want to sell them. - enginenut