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| May/June 1973

  • Smoke Rings

    Anna Mae
  • Grind Machine
    Courtesy of Edward A. 'Nute' Anklam Box 54, Culbertson, Montana 59218
    Edward A
  • Reaping Machine
    Courtesy of Fischbach's Museum, Kettlersville, Ohio 45336.
    Fischbach's Museum
  • Engine
    Courtesy of Don Selmer 811 Gary Street, Madison, Wis. 53716
    Don Selmer

  • Smoke Rings
  • Grind Machine
  • Reaping Machine
  • Engine

Hi! Well, how many of you noticed there was a difference in this magazine -I'll bet you all did -Yep, that's right --  it's moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania about forty miles from Enola -- and here I am still writing to you wonderful folks. No -- I didn't move to Lancaster but for the present I'm still going to be working for the magazines and we hope you will continue to send your material and letters to us as always.

Your new editor and publisher, Gerald S. Lestz, (and my boss) is quite a personable character. He has been a newspaperman in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for 33 of the past 38 years. He writes for the Lancaster New Era, is editor of Baer's Agricultural Almanac and serves other publications in editorial capacity. He is a past president of the Fine Arts League of Lancaster and of the Friends of the Lancaster County Library, and of the statewide Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen. He has written several books and numerous articles. His lates is called 'Amis Beliefs, Customs & Discipline'. He also lextures on old houses.

I'm telling you these things so you can better get to know Gerry Lestz. As you can see, he is a celebrity in his own rights -- and in the field of writing (which puts me way out in left field and I'll have to really shape up, won't I?). No kidding though, from my short acquaintance with him, I would say he is a very understanding, agreeable and likeable person. Tilings should go well with all of our Gas Engine Magzine family and our brood in the Iron-Men Album family.

I've also met Helen Ament and her husband, Jim. We've not had too much time to get acquainted, but Helen will be taking care of all your orders and subscriptions and etc. I'm sure she is very efficient and will try to please you in every way. Her hubby will be helping out in many parts of serving the magazine.

I would ask that you all bear with us in this transitional period of changing bases or home offices. After all, just think how things are when a famly moves from one town to another. It takes awhile to get adjusted and get settled down again. Just don't be too harsh with us if there are some errors, let us know about them and we will try and get them corrected as soon as possible. We still would like to keep the 'family' feeling of the magazines -- and a kind word or smile is much better than a nasty letter or a gripe. And now, onto some of our letters of questions, answers, or just small talk.

BILLY LINDSEY, Box 485, Burwell, Nebraska 68823 is hoping the readers can come up with the year his engine was manufactured. It is a Monitor, Type VJ No.-37455, VA HP, RMP 500, single flywheel. Billy has 7 engines in his collection now and will be anxiously awaiting to hear from you on the Monitor engine.


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