Sierra Snow Plows

| September/October 1998

3007 Twin Creeks Lane, Rocklin, California 95677

I hope my pictures and short stories will be of interest to readers. The first pictures in the column on the left are of a Holt that was used to plow snow in Alta, California. It had been parked for 20 years and the pine trees that had grown up between the tracks and blade were four to six inches in diameter. After the use of a chainsaw and cutting torch, my friend Bill Santos, Jr., helped me drag it out and haul it to my house. It took three months to find all the missing parts needed, plus the purchase of another two ton, and some well-needed tips from Bill Santos Senior to get her running. This was my first tractor restoration that turned out to be a lot of fun. The top picture shows where it was parked and the work it took to get it out. The photo at bottom left shows my daughter sitting on the finished project ready to go!

The pictures in the column at right are of a 1922 Fordson that had electric start and manual blade added to it. The Gold Run Garage used this to plow snow around the restaurant and garage parking lot. In the pictures you can see they cut holes in the back wheels so the snow would push up through for better traction. The plow was raised and lowered by turning the steering wheel mounted on the right side. There were garage door springs attached to the blade to make raising and lowering easy. The electric starter and flywheel were mounted where the belt pulley should be. They attached a brake drum to the flywheel with another pedal above all of this for stopping. This one is next year's project. To see more pictures of the Holt project, or of mine and my dad's engine collection, visit my web page at