Robot Lawnmowers

| November/December 1997

3723 Johnson St. NE Minneapolis, Minnesota 55421-4056

Your publisher's letter in the July 1997 GEM, stated you had an e-mail about 'robot lawnmowers.'

In 1994 or 1995 at the great Minnesota State Fair in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, near St. Paul, there was a very modern robot lawnmower on display and for sale. This robot lawnmower did work and cut the grass in its area at the fair.

It was solar-battery powered and computer program-controlled, made by a company from Wisconsin. The price was $2,000 per lawnmower.

It put itself in the garage or where it was stored. When the battery needed to be charged, it came outside by itself. It cut the grass in the pattern programmed and only on sunny days; no rain cutting. There was a moisture sensor built into it.

It could cut about 1 hours at one time; if more was needed, it was postponed for another time or more lawnmowers would be needed. The frequency of cutting was also programmed in, and it had a 16-17 inch cut. The mower was light weight.