Readers' Engine Questions

| May/June 2002

A Brief Word

Last winter when in Australia for the National Rally, we renewed our friendship with Ian Johnston. Time is always very short when visiting with old friends, but we worked in as much time as possible. Ian completed a wonderful tractor book awhile back, titled The World of Classic Tractors. Its 260-plus pages cover a great many American-made tractors, such as the Sheppard, the Co-op, Mogul, Graham-Bradley and various others. Also included are some European tractors and some made-in-Australia models.

This is a delightful book, and much of it in color. Johnston's text is delightful to read and manifests great accuracy. If you are looking for a fine book on classic tractors, we highly recommend this title. In the U.S., it should be available through Amazon .com. The specific data is: The World of Classic Tractors, Ian M. Johnston, Kangaroo Press, 20 Barcoo St., Roseville 2069 Australia.

By the time this copy is in your hands during April, plans will be pretty well set for our planned journey to Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Belgium. As always, it is delightful to set up one of these tours, but we'll concede that the details are endless. Of course the HMT Rally in Holland will be a major highlight. If you've never been to this show, you're in for a surprise. Engines and tractors are mixed throughout the aisles, so you never know what you might find. The last time we were there the flea market was incredible, with probably hundreds of vendors on hand. We were also impressed with the craft displays and other items.

Our queries this month begin with:

37/5/1: Bull Pup Q; 'See the photo of a Bull Pup engine. The tag reads: The Fairbanks Company, Type BP, 1-1/2 HP, s/n B26970, 400 rpm. On my engine the end of the rocker assembly that works the exhaust valve is broken off, also, on the right hand side of the engine, standing in front and looking toward the flywheels there are two tapped holes about 1-inch apart. The two holes are on the side of the water hopper and just to the right below the data tag. I would like to know what these two tapped holes are for, or rather, what was fitted to them. May I hear from other Bull Pup owners?' Don Newcomb, 532 Kirk Rd., Rochester, NY 14612. E-mail:

A: The Bull Pup was actually manufactured by Bates & Edmonds at Lansing, Mich. The Fairbanks Co. did not actually manufacture engines, but served as a jobbing distributor.