| March/April 1972

Registrar, The Hagley Museum, Eleutherian Mills, Greenville, Wilmington, Delaware 19807.

While researching the transportation of gunpowder we found these pictures of a powder delivery truck. Our information states that it was built on an Avery chassis.

Powder trucks were also built on a Model T Ford chassis, among others, having the Model T front and special rear box. The electrical systems were modified on most explosive trucks so that no hot wires extended back beyond the fire wall.

Other common powder truck features include rope wrapped bumpers, fire extinguishers, specially built doors, and floor built with iron bottom covered with asbestos and hardwood on the top surface. The sides, top and doors were sheathed in a like manner.

Although we know a good deal about powder wagons, the early trucks are not nearly so well documented. We would be interested in hearing from anyone knowing about these old trucks, and most interested in seeing a surviving specimen.

Avery Powder Truck, E. J. Du Pont De Nemours Powder Company 70.57.2, PO No. L 1970-346, 'A-326' rear.