Grand Hollow Gets Going

| October/November 1991

134 E. Searsville Rd., Montgomery, NY 12549

Someone said, 'Let's have a picnic and all of us guys should bring down a few engines or tractors, to show.' Next thing we knew, the Grand Hollow Old Time Power Association was born.

The date was set and the women went to work in the kitchen while their husbands played out in the field. There was no balance beam that year and thank goodness, word of mouth was the only form of advertisement. The tractor pull was fun, but highly unorthodox by normal show standards. (But then again, who ever said tractor pulls were normal?) The kids had free wagon rides all day and everything came together rather well.

More planning went into the second annual show. The men figured that it takes just as much work to get ready for a one day show as it does for a 2 day show. We advertised more and then wondered, how many people do we expect? How many hard rolls should we buy? How many Port-o-Johns do we rent, and where are we going to put the campers?

Once again, as luck would have it, everything fell together. This year they'd built a balance beam and made the tractor pulls standard.

Another 2 day show is planned for September 14 and 15, so see you in Montgomery!