Different Types of Engines

| July/August 1974

This TWIN CITY engine can be seen in the Western Development Museum, Yorkton, Sask. It is a 1919-6 cylinder and is 60x90 HP. This picture was taken in 1964. I am on the left, and on the right is my brother-in-law, Hedley Hickson who lives in Yorkton.

At left is a Farmall tractor, center shows a 5 HP Ruston-Hornby, 1926 and at right a 6 HP Amaco, No. 609630, year unknown.

My 1938 'U' Deluxe MM Tractor which is in my possession. According to the company, only 150 of these were manufactured and supposedly were the first factory-cab tractor produced. They were very sophisticated for a tractor of that era as they were equipped with lights, horn, radio, heater, defroster, cigar lighter, upholstered seats, dome light, windshield wipers, etc.

If anyone in your list of subscribers know of the whereabouts of one of these, I would like to correspond with them.

When this engine was acquired it had not been run in about 40 years. The owner had to make some parts and do some repairing work on it. He soon had it cleaned and painted. On January 1, 1971 he pulled her outside, filled up the gas tank, hooked up the battery, and turned her over. She started on the first try --a very nice engine. Nonparallel Famous engine, manufactured by International Harvester Company, Chicago, 4 H.P., Speed-450, No. No. RK149, Patent May 2, 1905.

Vincent Deusch of La Motte, Iowa is shown above touching up the saw blade on the saw-mill at 'Kings Show' in August 1973. Vincent said he was an old hand at his chore. My recollection is that he was the previous owner of this mill.