Could I Build A Horseless Carriage?

| January/February 1995

  • motor buggy
    This motor buggy was built by Vernon Silver.

  • motor buggy

P.O. Box 65, Mountain Home, North Carolina 28758

I have always been fascinated with wagons, buggies and carriages. I have built several small wagons for my 'hit & miss' engines and some goat wagons which turned out pretty nice, but I al ways wondered if I could build a Horse less Carriage. You never know until you try, do you ?

Not being sure how it would turn out, (and it was a pastime project so I didn't want to put much money into it), I decided to use all the used parts I could muster up. I had a Tecumseh 5 HP motor that came off a garden tiller and several other parts. I visited my older brother who runs a small engine repair shop and he gave me a transmission and differential oft a lawn tractor.

By this time I had some idea how it would look. My wife and I participate in several engine and tractor shows, so I thought it would be nice if I calculated the measurements so that two people could ride in it and it could also be transported in the hack of my pick-up truck. The truck had a high door cover, so the top would have to be collapsible or removable, but I would worry about that later. I was anxious to get the rest of it working.

The chassis would have to be built first, so I bought angle iron, flat iron, iron rods and one inch square tubing; lots of bolts, nuts and washers; and some welding rods.

There were no written plans. I was winging it all the way, trial and error, working each step out as I came to it. No computer printouts on this project! Old time math, tape rule and yard stick, a square, pencil and paper were my de sign tools.

Keith Noble
6/21/2012 1:03:26 PM

Hi, I have been involved with vintage and veteran cars since I was a child. I am now the chairman of my local classic car club in Washington, Tyne and Wear, England. Now I am retired and have two classic cars, one on the road and one nearing completion, I am looking at another project and love the look of your "Silver Ghost". In the article it mentions that you have a set of plans. How can I obtain these and what would be the price to have them delivered to the UK?