Constructing the Lee Traction Company MODEL L-2 TRACTOR

| March/April 1996

5210 Springton Lane, Spring, Texas 77379

Well, where do I begin? The story of the Lee Traction Company Model L-2 tractor begins more than 10 years ago. As my wife Vicki will attest, I am a terminal pack rat, and the preparation and building of this tractor is a testimony to this. My friends also know of my affliction and they are more than willing to stimulate it. In reality, this tractor building project represents a decade of parts collection with the actual construction requiring approximately six months.

Before embarking on the discussion of this construction adventure, let's review the details of the Lee Traction Company Model L-2. Photo #1 illustrates the completed tractor. The tractor is a narrow front end design with the following specifications:

Length: 120 inches Width (rear wheels): 46 inches Height: 56 inches

Weight: Approximately 200 pounds (without operator)

Engine: Stover CT-2, 600 RPM, Hit and Miss, SN 276978 Transmission: 4 speeds forward, 1 speed reverse