An Engine Adventure

| March/April 1989

  • Crankshaft engine before restoration
  • Crankshaft engine after restoration

  • Crankshaft engine before restoration
  • Crankshaft engine after restoration

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I would like to share my good fortune with you and your subscribers.

In August I started out for our regular August Date Nail Show in Perry, Iowa this year.

I started out with plenty of time as I was stopping at my nephew's in Wyoming, as he had some good date nailing lined up for us.

For you gentlemen and ladies that are wondering what a Date Nail is, it is a nail 1?' long ? diameter with the date on the head, with the year it was driven into a railroad tie or utility pole, when it was layed in the road bed or put into the ground.

We were looking at all the old ties used as fence parts and in piles at an old abandoned homestead. I noticed this old corn grinder laying upside down by a board and tie pile. I had to get my nephew to turn it over, it was so heavy!