A Second Chance

| March/April 1996

12 HP Economy gas engine

3286 Cramlington Drive Gibsonia, Pennsylvania 15044

We have all heard the old saying that, at some point in time, most things in life don't get a second chance, but one particular 12 HP Economy gas engine got its second chance, when I discovered it out in the woods while hunting for ruffed grouse.

During the fall of 1987, I was hunting on lands near the village of Petrolia. By mid-afternoon, I had not seen any ruffed grouse, and headed back to the friend's camp that I was visiting. Mr. Tom Rapp, realizing that I was bored, asked if I would accompany him up be hind his farm to aid in the removal of a 15 HP Evans gas engine cylinder he needed to complete an earlier restoration. I agreed, and the two of us proceeded up a hill with a John Deere tractor and a small utility tractor.

We spent a few hours wrestling the old cylinder off a 'dead' engine, when Tommy called to my attention that an old Economy gas engine was near where we were working and would I like to see it. Tommy knows I love Economy engines and that I had a couple of 1.5 HP ones at home.

We worked our way through the grapevines and red briars that blanketed the hill. Tommy said, 'There it is!' and I said, 'Where?' All I could see was more brush. Sure enough, under lots of spice bush and young black cherry, was a single flywheel sticking up in the air sideways. The engine was on its side.

As I stood on the flywheel in awe, I asked what horse it was. He said the tag used to be on the hopper. The tag was still on the hopper, held on by one rivet. It read: 'S.N. 196,490 12 E.' I knew I had to have this engine to restore!