Gas Engines

The hobby of collecting antique engines, past and present.

Seeking Information on Tiny Tim Generator

By the Gas Engine Magazine staff

A reader sends in photos of a Tiny Tim generator sold by Sears, Roebuck & Co.

Sears Economy Engine Questions

By the Gas Engine Magazine staff

A reader seeks information on the type and manufacture date of his Sears Economy engine.

Coolspring Spotlight: 1883 10 hp Schleicher, Schumm & Co.

By the Gas Engine Magazine staff

This Schleicher, Schumm at the Coolspring Power Museum was originally built for hydraulic elevator service.

Family Jewel: Circa-1918 Gade Engine

By Loretta Sorensen

An original 6 hp Gade engine changes hands for the first time.


The Unusual 1910 Stickney

By Bill Vossler

An Iowa engine collector acquires and restores a 1910 Stickney, right down to the cart.

What Was This Hercules/John Deere Engine Used For?

By the Gas Engine Magazine staff

A reader finds a Hercules/John Deere engine but we can only guess at its intended use.

More Vincent Engine Information

By Robert Lundberg

A reader thinks that his Vincent engine might have powered a water vehicle made by the famed British motorcycle company.

Barney Kedrowski’s Baker Monitor

By Barney Kedrowski

Gas engine restorer learns to cast with a 1909 4 hp Baker Monitor.