Gas Engines

The hobby of collecting antique engines, past and present.

Who Built This Magnet Engine?

by Farm Collector

A Gas Engine Magazine reader is looking for his Magnet engine, which may have been built in Canada.   

The Pioneer Gas Engine Association's 1967 Engine Show

By Dorothy B. Smith

A correspondent and contributing editor describes some of the motors displayed at the 1967 edition of the Pioneer Engine Association's engine show.

Coldwell Lawn Mower Engine

By Norman M. Mullings

Coldwell Lawn Mower Engine A reader in the know share what he knows about the Coldwell Cub lawn mower engine. March/April 1968 By Norman M. Mullings In answer to Stan Reid's recent inquiry about Dick Seibert's engine, it is a Coldwell Cub engine. It supplied power for Coldwell's Cub Motor Lawn Mower, N

Coolspring Power Museum: The History of the Bates & Edmonds Engine

By Paul Harvey

The story of the Coolspring Power Museum’s 8 HP Bates & Edmonds engine


Jim Hilgartner's Murphy Diesel Engine

By Farm Collector

See video of Jim Hilgartner's 1952 Murphy Diesel engine at work.

1902 8 HP Bates & Edmonds Engine

By Gas Engine Magazine

A 1902 8 HP Bates & Edmonds engine with generating set on display at the Coolspring Power Museum.

Rock Island Engine Spawns Friendship

By Charles Hargreaves

New life for a 1923 5 HP Rock Island engine, serial no. A80817

Missing Details on 2-Cycle Hit and Miss Engine

by Farm Collector

Long-time collector of antique engines seeks details on an unknown 2-cycle hit-and-miss.