Gas Engines

The hobby of collecting antique engines, past and present.

One-of-a-Kind Scratch Built 2-Cylinder Hit-and-Miss Engine

By Jim Limacher

Ingenious collector builds one-of-a-kind scratch-built 2-cylinder hit-and-miss engine.

Gas Engine Technology: Aermotor Speed Governor

By Gas Engine Magazine

Looking at Daniel R. Scholes’ patent for the governor mechanism on 8-cycle Aermotor engines.

Coolspring Power Museum Features Rare Engine

By Gas Engine Magazine

300 HP Miller, manufactured by the Miller Improved Gas Engine Co., on display at the Coolspring Power Museum.

Ottawa Engine Restoration

By Peter Rooke

Peter Rooke wrangles a stubborn circa 1917 2-1/2 HP Ottawa engine — Part 1 of 4.


Restoration for Work Well Engines

By Dean Tapley

First-class restorations for two 1 HP Perkins Work Well engines.

Aermotor Redux

By Dave Irey

Unsticking a very stuck and rusty Aermotor 8-cycle water-pumping gas engine — Part 1 of 2

A Family Business: Restoring Briggs & Stratton Air-Cooled Engines

By Gene, Jessie and Erin Burmeister

Family dedicates themselves to collecting and restoring small air-cooled engines manufactured by Briggs & Stratton.

McIntosh & Seymour Gas Engine Steals the Show

By Bill Vossler

Massive 575 HP McIntosh & Seymour gas engine stars at Le Sueur County Pioneer Power Show.