Gas Engines

The hobby of collecting antique engines, past and present.

International Harvester M, the Haircut Engine, Runs Again

By Beth Beavers

Steve Allison's rescued International Harvester M runs at the Lone Oak Lions Club's Fall Festival 36th Annual Antique Gas Engine and Tractor show in Paducah, Ky.

Fixing a 2-1/2 HP Ottawa Gas Engine

By Peter Rooke

Peter Rooke fixes the round fuel tank, Webster magneto and more on his 2-1/2 HP Ottawa gas engine.

1909 Reid Engine

By Gas Engine Magazine

Coolspring Spotlight: 1909 15 HP Reid engine with Fairchild & Betts pumping power on display at the Coolspring Power Museum.

10 HP International Harvester M Restoration

By Steven Allison

The Haircut Engine, a 10 HP International Harvester M, is rescued 60 years after being abandoned in a Tennessee gristmill.


Water Pumping Aermotor Engine

By Dave Irey

8-cycle Aermotor engine gets ready for show season with a homemade water-pumping display.

Sights and Sounds from European Antique Gas Engine Trip

By Beth Beavers

See video from Woody Sins and Wayne Grenning's antique gas engine vacation to Europe.