Gas Engines

The hobby of collecting antique engines, past and present.

Unknown Antique Marine Engine

 Dave Lees

A reader seeks any information on the origin and manufacturer of his marine engine found in the Chesapeake Bay.

Coolspring Spotlight Circa-1896 3 hp Warren No. 1

By the Gas Engine Magazine staff

A circa-1896 3 hp Warren brought to the museum in 1993 is a very rare inverted-vertical engine.

The White Lily Engine Connection

By Glenn Thompson

The story of the White Lily Washer Co., the Schmidt Bros. Co. Engine Works and a White Lily engine in Texas.

Patent Page: Auxiliary Cooling Fan

By the Gas Engine Magazine staff

A stationary engine cooling fan for White Lily and Schmidt Bros. engines pushed cooling air across the engine’s cylinder, but became obsolete after superior methods arose.


Wooden Aermotor Engine Base

 Charles Wise

A reader shares an image from an 1911 advertisement that shows an Aermotor engine on a wooden base.

Several Questions About Unknown Engine

 Andy Staricka

A reader has questions about an old engine he bought recently, including manufacturer, origin, age and horsepower.

Seeking Sieverkropp Engine Information

 Ellie Forgach

A reader’s father owns a 1910 Sieverkropp engine and is hoping to obtain more information on it.

The Story of an Elusive Palm Engine

A small Palm engine finds its way to Paul Harvey, but it’s a mystery as to who made it and why.