The Young Set: A New Column

For the young set of engine collectors/enthusiasts, the magazine decided a new column was in order.

| July/August 1968

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    In his new column for the young set of engine enthusiasts, the author suggested "antique outboards" as a future topic.

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This new column will be primarily for beginners at engine collecting and engine restoration (not that it is written by an expert!), and for the "young set" as the title implies.

Being both a beginner and 14 years old, I qualify for both of the aforementioned titles. When I thought of this column, I thought about some of the other fellows my age and also of people who were not familiar with the "ropes." As I said, I am no expert, but I have done a little collecting and derived much knowledge from that collection of gas engines.

The idea I have in mind is, that when you start collecting, and when you are younger without as much knowledge (as much as you might acquire through years of collection) you will need some place to send for information, and a person with whom to discuss your engines with where the impediment of competition does not exist.

Surely, no person can obtain all of the articles he receives in the magazine. Usually our articles, not typed, without pictures, or the experience of writing, turn up on the bottom of the stack. Again, not that you have to be another Dickens to get in an article. Feel free to contribute as you probably can do very well, if you try. I am just trying to give you beginners and younger fellows a place to put forth ideas, and it just might be easier to write for others your own age.

Well, that is my explanation of what I hope may be a beneficial column. Now, please send any questions, ideas, information, pictures, or just general conversation to my way.

I will forward it, in compiled form (I will have to edit it, so please don't be offended if some part is extracted.) If you would like your letter in this column, please, send it to me! Now, what I think might be a good idea is, to have, besides general talk every month, something to work on—you know, a goal. So for the present, until I have a better idea, how about antique outboards? It seems to be a hazy, untouched history we have on them. This doesn't mean that you must send me itinerary on antique outboards only. But please, if you have it get it in the mail! For those who don't have information on the topic, just write me about something else.