Young Collector and His Grandfather at Spokane Interstate Fair

| September/October 1995

Round rod Galloway engine

3423 Bowdish Road Spokane, Washington 99206

I hope you enjoy these photos. Photo #1 is of my grandfather, Darwin Hanson, and I at the Spokane Interstate Fair. The engine is a 5 HP round rod Galloway, of about 1907 vintage. My grandpa rescued it from its 60 year rest in a horse corral in Montana. He especially liked this engine because where he grew up in Minnesota, they had one just like it. He spent one year restoring it. It is one of the easiest of our engines to start.

Photo #2 is of me and a 1925 6 HP Fairbanks-Morse 'Z' I recently restored. It was my first restoration. This particular engine took six months to restore. I am currently working on a feed grinder and a 2 cylinder pump of unknown identity (please see our Reflections inquiry) for it to pull.

Photo #3 is of Grandpa and I with his 1912 2 HP Fairbanks-Morse Type T 'Special Electric' model. This engine was all complete, including the battery saver! Grandpa had to dig into the ground to find all the parts. It is the smoothest running Fairbanks Morse I have ever seen!

Other engines in our collection include an 8 HP Stover Type 'X,' a HP horizontal New Way, a 5 HP Nelson Bros-made Monarch, an 8 HP single cylinder Caille marine engine, as well as many others, totaling 49 engines. All of our engines that run are well tuned up, easy to start, and run nicely.