| December/January 1986

Instructions for Installing Either Type BAO or 1922 Bosch Magneto on Witte, Type 'W' Meco and Other Stationary Engines Made by the Witte Engine Co., of Kansas City, Mo.

The sketch shows you the location of all parts of the fitting and the table gives you the exact location of the two holes for carrying the magneto bracket fastening screws. These holes should be drilled and tapped for 3/8'-16 U. S. Standard thread.

Engines of the types mentioned, having a serial number under 20,000, must have the holes for the magneto bracket fastening screws drilled and tapped, and require a new cam gear in addition to the magneto fittings. Be sure to order this gear when you equip one of the engines, stating the horse-power and number of the engine.

Engines having serial number from 20,001 to 46,000 require no changes or mechanical work, other than the drilling and tapping of the two holes for the magneto bracket fastening screws.

Engines whose serial number is 46,000 and up all have their engine beds drilled and tapped for the Bosch magneto fittings.

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