Witte and Stover Data

| September/October 1972

1121 Hilltop Lane, Modeston, California.

For those who have Witte and Stover gas engines, the following information will either lead to parts and information, but that is what so often is hard to come by at the present time. In any case of doubt of manufacture of any engine, ALWAYS write to the manufacturer first--then try other sources. It is surprising how many of the old companies still are going strong this very day. A postage stamp and letter are often a most revealing source of detailed and amazing information.

For Stover engine shipping, parts and other data, write to Lester L. Roos, 328 N. State St., Geneseo, Illinois 61254. He has the last Stover parts and quite a number of them, also parts and operating information book reprints for sale at reasonable prices.

Now, on the Witte gas engine, of which many no doubt were built over the years and a large number of them, write to USS Oil well, Division of United States Steel, Garland, Texas, ATTN: Mr. 0. S. Hest wood. He will send parts books, shipping dates and other interesting bits as he has available. United States Steel took over the engine manufacturing part of the Witte Gas Engine Company some years ago and they have all the records. Mr. Hest wood wrote me a very nice letter and I feel certain he would do so to anyone who wanted information.

The Cushman Motor Works, Lincoln, Nebraska are still in business-write for what information they have available--anything is better than nothing.

I restored a type M 1? McCormick-Deering gas engine, complete to original skids, crank and all the other trimmings--has EK Wico high tension spark plug ignition and bought sight unseen a 3 HP Type M McCormick Deering engine from Tom Graves of Tigard, Oregon. Also restored a late LB IHC 1?-2? gas engine.