| July/August 1975

Unknown engine

Courtesy of Andy Kruse, Park Ridge, Illinois 60068

Andy Kruse

562 Torlage Drive Dayton, Ohio 45431

Perhaps the greatest and most lasting benefit to be gained by an active interest in the restoration of antique engines is the friendships established and the pleasant inner warmth experienced when a fellow 'spark plug' provides a missing part for a favorite project.

To this end, the Wiscona Pep Motor Club is being established. There is nothing special about the engine except its relative rarity, and the whole-hearted spirit of assistance offered by those few individuals who have one of these engines, in whole or in parts.

Picture is an unknown engine I rebuilt from incomplete engine parts I bought at a sale in Germantown, Wiconsin. May-June 1970 issue of GEM has pictures of what I started with under listing What Is It? I never heard from anyone who had seen an engine like it and would still like to know the make.

A twin cylinder Pierce engine built in Racine, Wisconsin. I restored this one

Model B #49 Hagan built in Winchester, Kentucky, which I restored.